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Certificate III In Security Operations - VigilTrainingCollege.Nsw.Edu.Au - Certificate III In Security Operations

The course is designed for people already hold NSW Security licence class 1AC and seeking to obtain licence Class 1B and/or 1F to pursue role as Bodyguard and Cash in Transit Officer (Armed Guard)
The course is designed for people already hold NSW Security licence class 1AC and seeking to obtain licence Class 1B and/or 1F to pursue role as Bodyguard and Cash in Transit Officer (Armed Guard)
NSW Class 1B allows you to work as Bodyguard also known as Close Personal Protection (CPP) and will allow you to work as licensed Bodyguard.
NSW Security Licensing course Class 1F allows people with these licence class to work as Cash in Transit (CIT) and will allow you to apply for their NSW Class 1F Armed Guard security licence.
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Address:   Suite 102, 22 Hunter St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 0286779062

Cannabis Seeds Legality – Nirvana Shop - Cannabis Seeds Legality

Nirvana® oferece sementes de qualidade Maconha diretamente da fonte! Comprar sementes de maconha com melhor genética! Discreto transporte mundial.
Nirvana passou mais de 20 anos viajando , procurando e coleta de sementes de maconha a partir das melhores linhagens disponíveis . Mais anos entrou em experimentação , crescendo, cruzamentos e desenvolvimento de novas variedades de cannabis , a partir do qual a melhor foram selecionados para a gama de híbridos de primeira linha do Nirvana .
Onde comprar os melhores sementes de maconha , nutrientes e solo o mais barato ? No Nirvana Shop, é claro! Nirvana Shop é a presença online do banco de sementes Nirvana mundialmente famoso. Há anos , temos vindo a espalhar o Nirvana amo todos ao redor do globo .
A loja virtual , que vende apenas sementes de cannabis de alto nível e nutrientes , é gerido por uma equipa pequena, mas dedicada de desenvolvedores, programadores e empacotadores . Nós nos orgulhamos de nosso excelente serviço ao cliente , que tem sido uma das muitas razões pelas quais os clientes gostam de fazer compras com a gente de novo e de novo.
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Market My Startup - MyStartupTool.Com - Market My Startup

This website is a creation of Online Management Solutions Ltd. and you can use it for free in order to list your startup in up to 190 sites, such as Gust, Breue, Venturebin, GetApp and more!
We constantly strive to bring you the best online products and services. However, if you find any bugs, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.
After our team has finished with the submission process, we'll send you an email with a detailed report which will include screenshots as a proof. For some of our submissions, we create an account on your behalf and will send you the login credentials we used, so you can manage these accounts later.
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Ip Attorney Sydney - MeyerWestIp.Com.Au - Ip Attorney Sydney

André is the founder of Meyer West IP and has over 15 years’ experience in the field of Intellectual Property Law, both in Australia and abroad. He entered the IP profession in 2000 when he joined Spoor & Fisher in South Africa. He was admitted as a partner of that firm in 2007. In 2008 André and his wife decided to spread their wings and moved to Australia where André joined Wrays.
 After a stint of 2 years with Wrays, André succumbed to the lure of the east coast of Australia and the family Meyer pulled anchor and relocated to Sydney in 2010. Here he joined Spruson & Ferguson. Enthused by the audaciousness of the many SME owners whom he had acted for over the years André decided in 2015 to establish an IP firm which would provide top tier experience but the personal touch assmociated with a small firm.
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Address : Meyerwest IP , PO Box 6251 , Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 , Australia
Phone : +61 (2) 8896 4309

HSC Extension 2 Maths Class - K12.Com.Au - HSC Extension 2 Maths Class

K12 Academy is a tutoring centre in Penrith, which provides tuition classes for students of all grades, and also provides preparation classes for NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, & Selective tests, Olympiads, ICAS tests etc. Our experienced teachers ensure that students are challenged to the best of their ability.

We have structured classes for group lessons and customized one to one lessons to cater for the individual needs of the students. K12 offers huge possibilities for provision of educational resources, from tough exams to homework help.

Tutoring provides your child with the opportunity to identify the gaps in their knowledge; they can ask questions and receive help on topics they haven’t been able to understand well. Individual or group lessons is one of the possible way to help your child if they’re having difficulties with certain parts or subjects of the school curriculum or preparing for exams.
Competitions are the best way to help your child develop and grow their talents at the next level, and at k12 we promote students to participate in competitions which will allow your child to become confident and knowledgeable.
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Address : K12 Academy , 196 Smith Street , South Penrith , NSW 2750 Australia
Phone  :  0424 567 006
E-mail: pr@k12.com.au